Chapter 44

I’ve posted Chapter 44. In this chapter, Andy and Tommy begin a brief weekend vacation away from Washington. They’ll learn more about one another on their trip and, perhaps more importantly, more about themselves as well.

This has been another busy week as I’ve been doing a lot of merging, writing, rewriting and editing in an effort to improve the story. Whether I’ve done so remains to be seen. What I do know for certain is that this chapter is another long one so be sure to breath deeply before you begin. At this point, there are probably only eight chapters remaining to the story. Chapter 52 is the likely ending point, but who knows for sure 🙂

As always, please feel free to share any comments you have at the end of the chapter using the guidelines I outlined here (or whatever works for you); or you can always send me an e-mail to let me know what you think of the story. In any event, I hope you enjoy Chapter 44. Have fun reading.


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