Chapter 27

I’ll be putting up a notice with a change in the posting schedule on Wednesday, December 14. Originally I was planning not to post a chapter on December 19 and then to resume the story on December 26. I’ve decided to change that. I will be posting a chapter, a very short one, on December 19, then taking the following week off. The story will then resume on January 2.

Chapter 27 is up and it was difficult to write. If I have written it good enough, it should make you mad, probably at me. That’s fine. It’s not like I’ve been trying to conceal where things were headed. As I’ve said before, miracles don’t always happen in life.

There is one scene toward the end of this chapter that takes place in a hotel room that is especially nasty. It’s about 600 words long. If you want to avoid it, just scroll down to the point where Tommy leaves the room and finish up from there. I tried toning it down and writing it more indirectly, but I ended up losing the anger. Tommy is angry when he leaves that hotel room. If you read the scene, I want you to be angry as well.


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