Chapter 11

Chapter 11 is up. I hope you enjoy it. As always, comments are welcome at the end of the chapter. And be sure to check over at the Café on Wednesday or Thursday for some important news about the posting schedule.


2 thoughts on “Chapter 11

  1. This is certainly a wonderful story. I love both boys, and I think they really love each other. I hope things go well for them both.

    it was nice to get a couple of chapters ahead, but now I still have to wait for new chapters. Oh, well, it will be worth the wait.

    I appreciate the fact that you are using good grammar, and taking the time to tell a real story, and not just try to get the readers aroused.

    You have done a wonderful job of bringing the boys to life. I can really think of them as being real kids. They are much more than simply cardboard characters.

    Thank you for writing this story.

    You have me hooked!

    Your Friend, Darryl

  2. Thanks, Darryl. I’m not sure what a radio rancher is, but I think Josh could use one because the radio at the farm is still broken as far as I know 🙂

    In any event, I’m glad you’re enjoying the story and appreciate your terrific comments. It’s a nice reward for a lot of work and the kind of encouragement any storyteller looks forward to in order to keep writing.

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